History of Hearts for Hollywood

In 2005, founder of Hearts for Hollywood Ministry, Suez Smith, was listening to The Georgene Rice Show, on KPDQ, Portland Oregon.

Georgene had a guest, Karen Covell (shown at left with Suez), on her show that talked about praying for Hollywood and how she was feeling lead to start a new ministry called 'The Hollywood Prayer Network'.  Karen, a Producer, Director, and Writer was very involved with Hollywood.

Suez continued to listen to Karen tell stories about how she was reaching out to Hollywood to pray for many she knew in the industry.  

Suez's heart was stirred and she said to a close friend, "I knew I was being called to pray for Hollywood too.  Not just actors, but writers, directors, producers... and so much more."  

Around 2009, Suez began reaching out in her community and church group, inviting others to pray for Hollywood. In 2012, a group was formed and met together each month to share thoughts and prayers.

Then, in 2014, Suez started the 'Hearts For Hollywood' website and the prayer ministry evolved with new members and virtual prayer meetings.

For Suez, praying for Hollywood has ALWAYS been #1 priority!!